The Alice Files creates professional template designs for photographers. 

How to Create a Clipping Mask in Photoshop

All The Alice Files templates are set-up with clipping masks for previewing and adding your photos to the files. It's also an easy peasy thing to do!

In this tutorial, I'm going to cover how to clip your images to a mask. I'm going to show you using one of The Alice Files template designs so let's get started!

Step One: Open your template file document in Photoshop.


Step Two: Drag or copy your photo into the document. The photo will create its own new layer and will take the shape of the layer below where it is placed so make sure to place above the layer that is labeled "Clip image to this layer."


Step Three: Click on your photo layer and then navigate to Layer > Create Clipping Mask. The keyboard shortcut is Command-Option-G. Alternatively, in the Layers panel you could hover your cursor between the image layer and mask layer while holding down the option key (Mac). Once you see a little arrow, click and it should clip to the shape below. 

If you want to move your image around within the clipping mask boundary you can drag the image layer using your cursor to position to your liking.


Step Four: If you have a template that is designed to include more than one photo, follow steps two and three for each photo.

That's it! It's pretty simple once you get it down. This is a technique can be used for not only The Alice Files templates but for countless applications. Once you get the hang of it you can create your own photo layouts and even add to typography! 

Let me know if you have any questions below. Happy clipping!

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