The Alice Files creates professional template designs for photographers. 


Meet the maker Cody Alice Moore

The Alice Files' goal is to provide quality designs to photographers so their photos and marketing pieces can shine.

The Alice Files is the creation of Cody Alice Moore. Incorporating photos into designs has been a constant thread throughout Cody’s career and holds a special place in her heart.

For over nine and a half years, Cody worked for Miller’s Inc., first creating photo card and gift product templates for the proprietary brands, Miller’s Professional Imaging, MpixPro and Mpix. Eventually she managed the art acquisition and template implementation workflow for Miller’s and Mpix for over four years. For most of her time at Miller’s she managed their online template store, Miller’s Design Market.

Cody is a self-employed, full-time artist, illustrator, designer and creative adventurer based in mid-Missouri. She also specializes in creating illustrations and print design, licensing and selling her artwork for commercial use in the surface pattern design, home decor and publishing industries. Check out her personal website, Cody Alice Moore to view more of her work.

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